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A simple boy who Left his business and city to Discover the world and Have seen the world beyond Media and what we hear from Our parents. It has been 1 year of traveling, very Fast. Hey, This is Salam Bhuvad from Morbi Gujarat India. I say myself an extreme Traveller because I travel in the places where people fear for go, I went to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Currently, I am planning to travel India to Thailand for about 10,000 km and cross over 4 Asian countries. planned this trip for 3 to 4 months. I am always looking to meet new people from all over the world, enjoy learning a different language and culture.

Democratic Republic of the Congo 2015

Being a curious boy I talk not a lot. But I am super social when I travel. I talk with whoever I’m sitting next to on the bus. I chat with vendors. I banter with people while waiting for a train. I ask for directions even when I’m pretty sure I know where I’m going. The more people you talk to, the more people learn about your journey.

Qatar 2019

Well, I also started making videos from November 2019, I am showing the world something different from media, Salam Bhuvad is my YouTube Channel. I am a Ceramic Tile exporter. I like to make videos about food culture and travel and upload on Facebook YouTube. I like to meet new people and know about the story…

Qatar 2019

Find me other social media username: Salambhuvad

other Social Media

My (Salam Bhuvad) Bucket List 🤩

  • World Tour by hitchhiking and cheapest way
  • Bunji Jumping in Macau
  • Paragliding in Turkey
  • Sky Driving in Spain
  • Singapore Citizenship
  • 1M Subscriber on YouTube
  • 100k followers on Instagram
  • Own a Resort in the Maldives
  • Make 2 True Friends in every each country
  • Find a Life partner 🥰

Collab and inquiry feel free to mail: [email protected]